Workplace trauma response and other corporate services

In a crisis, your managers may not know how to react — which is only normal. Whatever the emergency situation and regardless of time or region, we are here to support you. For 20 years, hundreds of employers have turned to ProHealth to intervene in a workplace crisis. They entrust us with this important task because of our proven expertise as well as the quality and speed of our response.

Our services are available across Canada in both English and French.

Why intervene in a potentially traumatic situation?

  • To manage the 72 hours immediately following the event using methods based on best practices
  • To facilitate team management in the days following the event
  • To help those affected by the trauma get through the ordeal
  • To provide aid as needed to the most distressed individuals
  • To allow normal business activities to resume as soon as possible
  • Last but not least, to ensure that you take care of yourself

Why we stand out

  • Our expertise in crisis management and post-traumatic event response
  • Our personalized, simple and transparent approach
  • Our people-centred philosophy
  • Our outstanding customer service
  • Our innovative health portal (
  • Our Canada-wide network of over 3,000 carefully selected professionals including trauma experts

Rapid, reliable response following a traumatic event

A few examples of traumatic events in the workplace:

  • The death or serious injury of one or more employees following an accident
  • The death of a patient under suspicious circumstances
  • Violent physical assault
  • Physical threats toward a staff member
  • Bomb threats, explosions, fire
  • Deliberate or unintentional release of chemicals or infectious agents
  • Search and rescue
  • Body recovery and site investigation in the wake of a major accident or disaster
  • An employee suicide or suicide attempt

Our other corporate services


For many companies, disability management can pose a sizeable challenge. Entrusting the case to a third party increases employee satisfaction, ensures the application of best practices and fosters employee compliance with treatment while minimizing the duration of the absence.


An organizational diagnosis aims primarily to provide a complete picture of your business, including identifying its strengths and weaknesses. The diagnosis is the first step toward developing tailored and innovative solutions that keep your business in line for success.


Investigating a harassment complaint is a delicate matter; few organizations have the internal resources to do so unaided. Our carefully selected experts will conduct a rigorous inquiry and reach a settlement that respects each party.


If you have employees battling addiction, we can support them throughout the treatment process. As they travel the road to rehabilitation, we offer guidance and support with respect and full confidentiality.


Focused on finding a solution rather than laying blame, this conflict resolution process often brings matters to a close without the need for lengthy, costly and possibly inconclusive legal proceedings.


Whether to build leadership skills or handle a delicate matter with staff, your managers will benefit from the advice of our experts.


Peer supporters are recognized for the vital role they can play in the workplace: that of identifying, supporting and referring colleagues with mental health problems. Let us establish a peer support network in your organization. You’ll soon see the benefits in terms of work environment, performance improvement and employee engagement.