Workplace health and wellness interventions

Our experts support thousands of employees who are motivated to take charge of their health. Depending on your needs, we deploy comprehensive programs or pay-per-use services to help your employees maximize their health and wellness, thus boosting your chances for success and your attractiveness as a workplace. Whether you operate through a single office or hundreds of branches nationwide, and whether your employees are onsite, offsite or on the road, ProHealth will coordinate its service delivery to ensure effective and simultaneous interventions.

Our services are available across Canada in both English and French.

Why implement a health and wellness program?

  • To improve productivity and create a better work environment
  • To reduce problems related to absenteeism, presenteeism and labour disputes
  • To attract and retain top talent
  • To improve employee motivation and engagement
  • To stand out as an employer of choice

Why we stand out

  • Our personalized, simple and transparent approach
  • Our people-centred philosophy
  • Our outstanding customer service
  • A Canada-wide network of over 3,000 carefully selected professionals
  • Our innovative health portals
  • Our integrated services that really work to change lifestyle habits

Our turnkey or custom interventions


A must for your organization

Our health screenings aim to screen, educate and support employees in their approach to improving their wellbeing. The tests are designed to identify cardiovascular disease risk factors, including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Total blood cholesterol (full lipid panel available)
  • Blood sugar (HBA1C available)
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Waist size
  • Physical activity practice
  • Smoking


An invaluable aid at your disposal

Our questionnaire meets the BNQ’s “Healthy Enterprise” certification requirements and covers four areas of activity: lifestyle, management practices, work environment and work/life balance.


100% of our clients recommend it!

This online questionnaire is used to assess the health and lifestyles of your employees. It covers:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Physical activity
  • Dietary habits
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep habits
  • Use of medication
  • Personal motivation assessment

The Health Profile also provides you with statistics that give you an overall snapshot of the health of your workforce, making it an excellent starting point for planning wellness-promoting activities.


A flexible, educational approach

Participants interact with our health professionals on a range of topics. Examples:

  • Discovering new foods
  • The truth about fats and sugars
  • Eating well makes you feel good
  • Dinner’s on simmer
  • Smoothie bar
  • Physical activity: the truth, the whole truth and nothing but
  • Superfoods against cholesterol
  • Liven up your lunch box day after day
  • Happiness in mind


Have fun getting active!

Motivate your employees to adopt healthy habits through these online challenges on a range of topics.


  • Go Enjoy
  • Go Balance
  • Go Zen
  • Go Flex
  • Go Cardio


On your marks, get set, go! Jump-start your fitness program.

A program to assess your staff’s aerobic fitness, musculoskeletal fitness and body composition while providing tools for improvement.


Learn by doing

Our interactive workshops are action-oriented and stimulate participation.

Some of our topics:

  • Liven up your lunch box
  • The truth about your diet
  • 10 allies for health
  • Turning your back on back pain
  • Sleep: an ally for health
  • Breathe, relax, imagine…


Inform and educate

Our seminars are the perfect way to optimize learning in a short space of time. Some of our topics:

  • The power of omega-3s
  • Running your way… to better health
  • Health Q&A
  • Day-to-day stress management
  • Taking your health to heart
  • Five tips for relaxing in 10 minutes
  • Communicating effectively
  • Getting to grips with sleep problems