In 1996, psychologist Pierre Renaud founded Groupe Renaud, a firm that specialized in employee and family assistance programs (EFAP). In 2011, the flame was passed onto a new team who injected the company with new vigour through major investment and a renewed sense of purpose. Five years later, Groupe Renaud acquired the ProHealth Group (also founded in 1996): a merger that completed its offer with a full range of workplace health and wellness services.

Together, the two formed one of the rare industry players able to offer comprehensive expertise in workplace wellness under a single roof. In fall 2015, to better reflect the array of services offered, the company decided to operate under the single banner of ProHealth.

Now in full growth, ProHealth offers a full range of pay-per-use services and activity programs ranging from health checks, health profiles and fitness evaluations to interactive booths, workshops and Go Healthy challenges. Today we’re a national leader in workplace wellness and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.

ProHealth monitors close to half a million Canadian workers in every industry. Year after year, over 3,000 professionals in our nationwide network support some 16,000 individuals working for the more than 600 employers who subscribe to our EFAP. We also play a key role in the wellness programs of hundreds of firms from coast to coast. We deliver all of our services with the same professionalism, quality and attention to detail that has guided us since 1996 and is reflected in our position statement: Feel better, do better.