Employee, family and manager assistance program

Professional life and personal life both bring their share of worries. Difficult situations can compromise a person’s ability to cope at home and/or at work, affecting those closest to him — family, friends, co-workers. Whenever life becomes overwhelming, our employee and family assistance program (EFAP) can offer your managers, your work teams and their families quick, confidential and unbiased support to help restore balance and wellness.

Our services are available across Canada in both English and French.

Why implement an assistance program?

  • To reduce the stress and difficulties experienced by your employees
  • To enhance your productivity as an organization
  • To reduce problems related to absenteeism, presenteeism and labour disputes
  • To reduce disability and the duration of absences
  • To help reduce CSST payments
  • To stand out as an employer of choice
  • To equip your managers to better manage difficult situations

Why we stand out

  • Our personalized, simple and transparent approach
  • Our people-centred philosophy
  • Our outstanding customer service
  • A Canada-wide network of over 3,000 carefully selected professionals
  • Our innovative health portal (yourvirtualadvisor.ca)
  • Integrated services that really work to change lifestyle habits

Flexible programs adapted to your needs

Whatever your situation, needs or budget, our uniquely adaptable approach ensures the perfect fit.

  • A warm welcome from trained counsellors, 24/7
  • 24-hour access to our Virtual Advisor
  • Tools specifically designed for your managers, including telephone coaching
  • Detailed reports that target preventive actions
  • A range of professionals selected according to your needs
  • Flexible billing to suit your budget
  • Free, effective and personalized promotion of our services
  • Easy access to your advisor

Areas of intervention


Separation and divorce, work/life balance, parenting, blended families, relationship dynamics, elder care, adoption assistance, psychoeducation.


Stress, burnout, interpersonal conflicts, career planning, bullying and harassment, communication difficulties, management coaching.


Stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, crisis situations, death of a loved one, life passages, emotional, mood or adjustment disorders, sexual problems.


Nutrition, physical activity, weight management, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure.


Alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse and dependency, Internet addiction, compulsive gambling, sexual addiction.


Debt, budget planning, bankruptcy.


Separation and divorce, custody and child support, civil litigation, wills and estate planning, real estate law.